Sunday, July 1, 2012

We Listen to Customer Feedback

We are excited to write this article because it is a direct result of feedback that we have received over last month. It seems several visitors have suggested different ideas which are broken down into the following:
  1. Show which items have free shipping. 
  2. Have requested where the reviews or customer testimonials are located for viewing.
  3. Asked us to clearly show which items are on discount or currently have a sale on. 
Your Feedback 
We have taken all the feedback suggested and  as a result have updated the way dressOfLOVE presents the information. In doing this we aim to make it easier to quickly source all the information easily.

Changes to the information presented is as follows:
  1. Shipping:
    All items that have free shipping or free postage will have a green airplane displayed in the bottom right corner of the product listing. Be sure to read the dressOfLOVE terms and conditions on free shipping and free postage.
  2. Reviews / Testimonials:
    We do not have a website page dedicated to customer reviews or customer testimonials. Instead we have opted that the reviews and customer testimonials should be attached to the product itself.
  3. Discount / On Sale:
    All items "On Sale" will have the words written "On Sale!" before the price of the item. In addition the actual discount percentage will be shown in a red circle on the top right hand corner. This allows you to easily determine what the savings are during the sale period. After the sale period ends the price will revert to the usual price. We've had additional suggestions that we should clearly show how long the sale is in effect for and when it ends. We are currently working on this feature and hope to have an update in the near future.
Your Feedback 
Further feedback can be submitted to us via: We take all feedback seriously and it is part of our continuous cycle to improve our products and services.We encourage all forms of feedback.

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