Thursday, June 21, 2012

Random Dress in the Factory

Let's face it. Taking a daily walk into the factory can be exciting. The buzz of seeing the dresses being made and materialising directly from the fabric, being cut, all the way to the to the end product. It is an exciting process. No doubt about it.

Today we have taken a random photo on one dress that we walked past because this dress caught our attention with the beautiful applique being added to the dress. It is a time consuming process to add the applique but it is an important step as this transforms a dress from a simple and plain in style to something that is stunningly elegant.

This is a Wedding Dress made using a Satin fabric. The customer wanted the Wedding Dress to be made in the colour Silver. Whilist this dress looks good in White, Ivory and Champagne colours. Other colours for this dress design is possible although much rare to see customers requesting for the unusual colours such as various pink colours.

The customer who ordered this requested specific alterations to be made for perfect fit around the hip area. Care has been taken to ensure that the customer's request has been met.

The dress will be completed over the next day and passed onto the quality control team to inspect the dress along with the order to ensure that the dress satisfies the dressOfLOVE standard.Once audit has been passed the dress can finally be shipped to the customer.

It is at this stage we feel the happiest knowing that we will be a part of the customer's Wedding Day by providing a beautiful custom made Wedding Dress to be worn on their most special and memorial day.

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