Thursday, July 19, 2012

Buying Dresses Online using Cash Payments

Some customers have contacted us stating that they do not have Credit Cards or a Debit Card linked online to make purchases from the dressOfLOVE online store. And would like an alternative form to purchase dresses online.

As a result of this we have added a new payment method from our online store which is Western Union. This means that you have an option to pay for dresses without the need to have a Credit Card or Debit Card linked online for making purchases. Western Union is the easy way to send cash money form and supports a wide range of currencies and countries. In addition

Western Union also allows payments to be sent online through their website or alternatively via one of the many Western Union store outlets. This makes it convenient to send money if you do not have a Credit Card or Debit Card for purchases online.

Currently our online store supports multiple payment forms (in which you can select your preferred payment method upon checkout) which are:
  1. Payments via Credit Card payments (via PayPal).
  2. eCheques (via PayPal).
  3. Directly from your bank account (account linked with PayPal).
  4. PayPal funds. 
  5. Wire Transfer to our bank account.
  6. Cash & Wire Transfers via Western Union.
You can read more information about payments at dressOfLOVE by visiting the how to pay for dresses link.

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