Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Party Time in the Factory

This time taking our usual walk in the factory feels like it is a party time. There seems to be many party dresses, homecoming dresses, club dress and cocktail dresses being made. Perhaps it is due to the cup day and horse races events that usually appear around in Spring. Likely it is due to the end of the year coming and every one is getting ready to welcome the New Year looking their best.

Party style dresses generally have many embellishments adorned on the dress to add the glitter and effects onto the dress. These are all all hand sown on and no doubt it is a time consuming process. Each dress looks is artistic in its own way. It is definitely exciting to watch the adornments being added onto the dress and seeing the dresses slowly transformed into a stunning dress.

This is a Party Dress made where the customer wanted it in this special peachy colour. The truth be told this dress looks good in any colour. From the greens to the oranges all the way to the reds, purples and yellows.
The customer who order this dress requested for special attention around the bust line and the waist line as she wanted a comfortable fit and to highlight the curve varations from the bust line to the waist line.

This dress is nearly completed and probably would be finished by the next day. Later this dress will be passed onto the quality control team to inspect the dress along with the order and ensure that it has met the dressOfLOVE standards. From there it will be shipped to the customer.

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