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When picking or designing your dress it is often difficult to decide how the back closure of the dress should be. Back closures of the dresses can be an open back (where you can see the back) or closed via zipper, buttons or lace-up styles.

There is no right or wrong in choosing your dress back closure type. The most important point is for you to choose something that you feel comfortable wearing and what suits you most.

Some dress designers feel that for formal wear such as evening and wedding gowns the back closure should be on the back of the dress (as opposed to the front of the dress) as this allows the front of the dress to be a solid piece which is pleasing to the eye without being distractive by the clutter of the straps or fasteners that holds the dress together.

However, for the obvious reasons the fasteners at the back of the dress may be difficult to reach when wearing the dress and often may require another person to help you to close up dress closure.

We hope to cover some of the differences on the lace-up and zipper / button back closures along with some discussions on the advantages and disadvantages.

Lace-Up Back Closures

Dress Lace-UP Generally, for most people the lace-up closure looks appealing to the eye. For some dresses it really adds to the elegance and style of the dress it self. For others, it reminds them of a corset and for that reason do not find the lace-up appealing.

With the lace-up back closure the most important factor is that you can change the size of the bodice and waist by loosening or tightening the laces at the back of the dress. This concept is has a similar analogy to wearing lace style shoes (i.e. shoes with shoe laces). If you happen to hurt your foot and your foot is slightly swollen you still can wear your shoes by altering the lacing so that it stretches around the foot for a better fit depending on how much slack you apply to the lace.

Many ladies find this style of dress more comfortable to wear and perhaps feel more at ease wearing a dress in this style in planning ahead for a big event because there is no need to be concerned regarding body weight fluctuations prior to the event. Generally the dress will still fit well depending on how you tighten or slacken the lacing at the back of the dress. The same could not be said regarding the zipper or button back closures (see below).

In addition the lace-up back closure has the back panel in which hides your skin or undergarments. However, some dresses have the in built bra padding (i.e. bra built into the dress) and in this case the undergarment are not needed. In this instance you may choose to leave out the back panel which means your back can be visible through the lacing. Depending on the dress this can be appealing and seductive and ideal for summery events.

The down side to lace-up back closures is that it is difficult to lace up yourself when wearing the dress and you may need another person to help you lace up the dress.

In addition the cost for adding the lace-up is generally more costly than a zipper or button style dress. However, at dressOfLOVE we do not charge any extras for lace-up back closures.

Zipper / Button Back Closures

Dress Zipper For some dresses the zipper (or hidden zipper) and button back closures make the dress look more delicate and pretty. This is because the dress has a cleaner look to the back as there is no laces. For some this may be considered as being more traditional and classic.

For the zipper back closure it may be easier to unzip and remove dress unassisted. However, depending on the number of buttons and positioning the use of buttons on the back closure may require some assistance in undoing and removing the dress.

The most important and critical point on the zipper / button back closure is the measurements really needs to be spot on. Any weight fluctuation before the big event can be disastrous as the dress can be too loose or too tight.

Do not make the mistake in trying the dress on many weeks to the big event and satisfied that you have a perfect fit and all will be well on your big event day. Truth is that you may be excited or stressed out prior to your event and have weight alterations which no doubt will impact on the fitting on the dress on the actual day. For this reason this is why many ladies prefer the lace-up back closure.

At dressOfLOVE we require you to provide the adequate measurements that we require so we can make the dress to fit you perfectly (see our custom size charts). Do take care when taking the measurements and do not rush this important process. In addition, all dresses are made in such a way to allow for alterations to be performed if necessary.

The only downside on the zipper or button back closure is that it does not really offer any way to show off your back skin if this is what you desire.


There is no right or wrong in whether the lace-up or zipper / button back closures is the better or worse choice.

It all depends on the dress design and what you feel most comfortable wearing and what suits you best. We have covered some of the advantages and disadvantages on the different points and interested to hear your feedback and comments if you have anything to add to this article.

At dressOfLOVE when buying a dress online at we allow you to select your preferred preference on the dress back closure. In this way you can have choice to decide which back closure will work best for you and the dress.

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